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Who we are
Who we are

Established in 2015, Kumar Gaurav & Associates is registered as a Practicing Company Secretaries Firm with the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). Since its inception; KGCS has consistently been the preferred choice for start-ups as well existing mid-level corporate houses as we not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations by imbibing our firms‟ values through personalized professional services thereby setting a standard of quality and fostering innovation at work. At KGCS, we are passionate to listen to the clients‟ business problems and help them out with the best of advisory services possible which; in short; comprise of intelligent, cost-effective, practical and the most convenient business solutions. Our people at KGCS consistently keep on making efforts and play a pivotal role to facilitate proper regulatory compliances in accordance with the challenging and ever changing regulations of the country so that directors of the companies can focus upon their core areas; i.e.; business making.

What We Do
What We Do

Professionals at Kumar Gaurav & Associates help corporate meet the mandatory compliances. Recent survey confirmed that fact: Every second Startup get Income Tax Notice for tax demands or for non-compliance, three out of seven Startups finds place on the default list of Registrar of Companies due to non-compliance, two out of four Startups incur unnecessary pay-out by way of interests and penalties. We at; KGCS; protect the startups from unnecessary taxes, penalties by keeping Directors/Business Owners in perfect compliance as they grow up.
Well; all the companies incorporated in India are required to comply with various provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and the rules there under. Companies are required to obtain various licenses, certificates and approvals from several regulatory authorities. We at KGCS, with the help of various industry expertise and experience help in dealing with matters relating to the various corporate and related compliances so as to mitigate ratio of non-compliances.


Kumar Gaurav & Associates is a registered Practicing Company Secretaries Firm with the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) which seeks to provide complete integrated Corporate Secretarial & Legal Services and thereby offering One-Stop solution for all Corporate Compliances and Legal Requirements.
Kumar Gaurav & Associates is a pioneering Cs Firm in adopting latest know-how, tools and technologies that help us perform efficiently & effectively resulting in serving our clients hassle free. We continuously make efforts to make KGCS’s policy towards its human resources holistic and aim at attracting, retaining, developing and nurturing employees to ensure mutual growth on a continuing basis. We acknowledge the fact that it is indeed difficult for business managers to keep pace with fast paced statutory pronouncements, ever developing jurisprudence and news flow which impacts businesses in a big way. For the sake of our clients knowledge we are constantly providing information on developments by way of newsletter through emails and our online presence at www.kgcs.in

KGCS Holistic Services


Incorporation of Private/Public Company, OPC, Producer Company, Nidhi Company and LLPs and conversion of one Form of business into others.


Mandatory compliances have to be made post registration like PAN, First Auditor Appointment Allotment and stamping of the share certificates etc.


Checking compliances under Corporate Law & other laws, rules, regulations, procedures to monitor compliance with the requirements of stated laws and processes.


Advising and assisting to comply with the applicable laws and regulations in the events like Merger, Demerger, Takeover, Slump Sale or Business Transfer.


Handling various approvals from Government agencies across India and obtaining various approvals from different authorities and bodies.


Secretarial/ROC works of all types of Companies under the Companies Act, 2013 and their mandatory Regular Compliance Services.

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