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Firm's Initiative

Our CSR Initiatives

We at Kumar Gaurav & Associates ensure that all our people are aligned with Corporate & Social responsibilities. Our CSR initiatives got started even before KGCS made its profits for the first time and now it is such that a trend has been set to give society back what we received from it. Keeping in purview the overall development of the society, a certain percentage of KGCS income goes to CSR by actively contributing to the social and economic development in Nation Building. We have always given top priority to both Corporate Responsibility and Social Responsibility and promote the practice of Good Corporate Governance. The CSR efforts are supported by our qualified, experienced and passionate team. It is helping in Professional as well as Personal Growth. When we have a culture of CSR, we are easily able to encourage people at KGCS to donate to NGOs too. Our people contribute their time and money to worthy causes and it helps them develop both professionally and personally. By helping those in need and volunteering as teams, we learn how to work better together to accomplish important projects. Additionally, we experience a personal sense of pride when we know that we work for a CS Firm that cares about the community and encourages us to be passionate about worthy causes as well.

Holistic Approach

A holistic approach creates a healthy and happy workplace. Getting workplace well-being right is essential for 21st century for all organizations that need to prevent staff absenteeism and the disruption to productivity this causes. We keep the surroundings that inspire our people to serve our clients in a better way to resolve their business problems and at the same time help them find intelligent solutions. Having a holistic approach is the foundation for working with clients even in complex needs considering minor adaptations to your core practice strategies that support clients with complex needs and will benefit all clients. Developing genuine relationships with clients is a cornerstone to improving communication. There are also some universal strategies we use, and with a number of clients by using strategies to improve their memory and attention. Behaviour is a means of communication, and all behaviour has a functional element. 'Challenging' behaviour is often described as communicating unmet needs that’s where holistic approach makes the difference. The key consideration when working with people with complex business requirements is to remember not to personalise challenging or difficult behaviour, and to externalise the possible functions of their behaviour. Exploring professional development opportunities to support working with specific complex needs issues will increase your confidence, skills and capacity - and support your wellbeing.

Our Alliances

Kumar Gaurav & Associates has consistently been the preferred choice due to its rich network in the form of Alliances. Our Alliance is always available to listen to the needs of the clients and assure them of the best possible intelligent business solution. We are very sensitive to the specific needs of every client. For this, we have made Alliance over the period at different locations across India who aim not only to meet but exceed our client’s expectations consistently by imbibing our Firms’ values through personalized service, experience, teamwork, professionalism and specialization. Our Alliances are always available for any questions or queries a client may have maintaining the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality to ensure transparency in all client dealings and proactively assess and service client needs. We assign the most appropriately skilled and specialized professionals to meet all assignment specific requirements so as to meet the highest level of professional efficiency effectively. We provide seamless services wherever in India the client needs it. We do have alliances with independently owned and managed CS/CA/Adv Firms. We are all mid-sized Firms for whom even the smallest clients are important enough to receive personal support. We give our clients wholly committed support big Firms cannot offer. Member firms are unified by a personalized collaborative culture, bringing together the highest standards of service excellence, seamless inter-disciplinary coordination, global access and a deep commitment to clients, teams and the community.